Household COVID-19 Testing Market to Advance as Researchers Create a Test Backpack that is Effective and Cost Feasible

  • Analysis
  • 07-February-2022

The LAMP test is a widely acknowledged alternative to the widely used PCR test. It has a similar sensitivity to the PCR test. Still, unlike the PCR test, it does not require temperature cycling. This denotes that it doesn't require a single high temperature to amplify any virus RNA. The process enables the test to be carried out with the bare minimum of equipment and reagents. The LAMP test does not require invasive, painful nose swabs because it uses saliva samples. However, because of the high costs of commercially available LAMP tests and the costly lab equipment necessary to execute them, existing commercial techniques are not ideal for remote areas or in-home testing.

A team has demonstrated that its lab-in-a-backpack method detects SARS-CoV-2 and commercially available Covid-19 assays. The tiny kit is inexpensive to construct, with a total cost of $51. It may contribute to the growth of the Household COVID-19 Testing Market because it provides an alternative testing solution for resource-poor countries or rural places that lack access to well-equipped testing labs or skilled employees to process samples.

The testing kit is based on the Covid-19 LAMP test. It is a basic, non-invasive test that uses low-cost machinery to process samples, including a centrifuge created from discarded computer hard drives.

According to the researchers, the following steps will include making the kit instructions even clear. This would help people of many backgrounds and languages to use it while also enabling testing the kit with real patient samples. While this concept has potential, further work is required before the system can be deployed in real-world settings.

Researchers believe the best part about their creation is its ability to perform Covid-19 tests and the inherent potential the test has to democratize access to low-cost testing techniques. It's made possible by our idea of using developments in electronics or existing instruments to create low-cost instruments whenever possible.

The team created an accurate, quick, and economical approach for detecting COVID-19 in this study. They essentially combine the LAMP test method with a low-cost centrifuge. It will provide a feasible and affordable test kit for Africa, where novel solutions are especially crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic. Further, it will also give a viable and inexpensive test kit for other regions. It can also be utilized in resource-rich settings to demonstrate how to test for Covid-19, such as high school classrooms.

Using open-source hardware and open-access science, anyone globally may test this for themselves with little resources. Perhaps this royalty-free idea will allow individuals to experiment with different blood or virus tests and educate themselves and others on how they function. Alternatively, the ease of use and low cost may entice people to build a business around it.

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