Healthcare Facilities Dramatically Improved Due to AI, Reports Say

  • Analysis
  • 03-September-2020

There is absolutely no doubt that the healthcare industry could be transformed with the help of Artificial Intelligence. A recent study by Accenture even suggested that the majority of the key applications of AI in healthcare hold the capacity to induce annual savings of almost $150 billion for the healthcare industry of the US by 2026. 

A better understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its role in today's healthcare facilities

A proper apprehension of Healthcare Artificial Intelligence can help us understand its role in transforming healthcare and improving patient outcomes. Right from improving image quality and processing speed to automating workflows, the developers of medical imaging have discovered several ways to accurately use AI in healthcare to detect as well as diagnose diseases. 
When it comes to diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence can also be incorporated with state-of-the-art imaging technology to revamp diagnostic results. In addition to this, AI tools often use similar knowledge to develop exceptional treatment approaches as well as give recommendations to the doctors. The overall combination of medical records and the real-time data extracted from surgeries with the help of AI benefits the patients and surgeons in knowing the patient's health status and medical history.

Accenture, a tech consulting firm, reckons that robotic and AI-based operations can help save the US healthcare industry almost $40 billion a year by the end of 2026.

In order to build even more efficacious healthcare delivery ways, futuristic AI technologies must be adopted and deployed. The healthcare industry globally is being revolutionized rapidly by using AI, machine learning, robotics, and various other technologies. The experts in the field of healthcare have estimated that AI would upgrade the patient experience in the upcoming days, emphasizing electronic records management and diagnostic with the inclusion of robotics to carry out such tasks.

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