Futuristic Compostable Plastic Solutions to Rule the Packaging Industry

  • Analysis
  • 08-October-2020

Popularly known as the next-generation plastic, compostable plastics are made up of renewable materials that disintegrate through composting. Being made from renewable materials, they are easily decomposable through the anaerobic and aerobic process and are thus, termed as non-toxic. Compostable plastics prove to be the best and most preferable substitute for traditional plastics.

Several Benefits of Using Compostable Plastics over Traditional Plastics

The numerous benefits linked with compostable plastics have helped increase its demand drastically. Compostable plastics are made from plant parts in place of petrochemicals extracted from fossil fuels. Moreover, the manufacturing process of compostable plastics needs less energy and emits fewer amounts of greenhouses gases as well. In addition to that, compostable plastics tend to be freezer safe. Furthermore, compostable plastics are further broken down for decomposition processes in commercial composting facilities within six months, making them a highly preferred choice.

The focus of the majority of industrialists has been shifted to replace the traditional plastics with the compostable ones, owing to its numerous advantages. Compostable plastics have been widely adopted by several industries, especially the packaging industry. Moreover, a wide array of activities associated with compostable plastics is being witnessed by the market these days. With the skyrocketing demand for the compostable plastics, the Global Compostable Plastic Packaging Material Market is bound to grow enormously.

Lately, compostable plastics have been the go-to choice for packaging purposes by various industries. Recently, SuperValu, an Irish retailer and wholesaler of groceries has revealed to introduce its latest compostable packaging. This shift from traditional to compostable packaging ensures a huge step towards sustainability. Moreover, along with this exceptional strategy towards sustainability, SuperValu has also decided to utilize reusable and recyclable packaging, offering its service in pushing the environment a little more towards sustainability.

To reduce the dependency on traditional plastics, industries have been aiming to shift to bio-based products. As a result, companies have decided to increase the manufacturing of starch bags and polylactic acid (PLA) as an alternative. All these factors are expected to develop the industry and increase the number of prospects for the leading market players in the upcoming future.

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