Functional Foods and Beverages Market Expand as Holistic Approach to Wellness Emerges

  • Analysis
  • 16-December-2020

With consumers becoming more aware and educated regarding the relationship between nutrition and health, the demand for functional foods and beverages benefiting mental or physical health is growing. Consumers have been considering natural origin, along with functionality, when eating healthy. Due to this very reason, consumers are seeking to get functional nutrients from natural food and beverages, rather than artificial supplements. According to a very popular survey, more than half of the respondents preferred food over pills as their nutrients and vitamin intake. Even the consumers in favor of pharmacy for prevention and treatment accepted food as a better and healthier source of nutrients and vitamins.

Immune support and gut health are the two most emerging themes in the conception of food as medicine. Gut health has been a major issue for consumers suffering from poor digestion. On the other hand, immune support has been in the limelight due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Probiotics have become a key ingredient for proper gut health and are being used in various food categories, such as dairy and snacks. With more and more number of consumers seeking a holistic approach towards health and wellness, immune support has benefitted as there has been an increased demand for food products providing preventive benefits.

As consumers have become more cautious and aware of viral infections, it is expected that the demand for immune support food, rich in nutrients, will be in trend even after the pandemic gets over. With the busy lives and hectic schedules, food that provides functional benefits and healthy nutrients for both mental and physical wellness has been on the top of the priority list of the consumers. Energy, mood, beauty, sleep, and cognitive focus have emerged as the primary need states to position food around and put the focus towards enhancing the quality of life. Due to these various reasons, the global functional foods and beverages market has been growing immensely, especially during this pandemic.

Consumers are seeking beyond indulgence when snacking. As a result of this, food products providing functional benefits, tackling different need, have been gaining popularity. Hence, manufacturers are constantly trying to develop innovative products aiming a specific mental or physical health issue.

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