Expanding Application of Medical Devices Adds Growth to Smart Thermostats Market

  • Analysis
  • 29-January-2021

Consumers are increasingly using Smart Technology in their households. They are now being adopted in small day-to-day things like doorbells, virtual assistants, IP cameras, and thermostats. Smart thermostats are getting the limelight as they regulate the temperature inside houses very precisely. It adapts the temperature as per people’s needs and daily weather data.

Recently scientists have brought a new development in the Smart Thermostat Market. They have stated that thermostats may be able to monitor people’s health as well. Although they are not a form of medical device, the best thing about smart technology is its ability to adapt to different situations.

Scientists believe that thermostats can be used to monitor the health of aged people and home patients. They focused on a Canadian smart thermostat technology named “ecobee” and developed an algorithm. This software can monitor people’s behavior, like physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleeping. These can be used to indicate a person’s health.

This smart remote monitoring device provides several advantages like-

  1. Health professionals would react quickly as per the changing situations and change treatment plans as per the patient’s vital readings.

  2. These devices use artificial intelligence, which means it can quickly work through huge amount of data. Research that took years before  can now completed in months.

  3. Services to housebound elders would see a vast improvement.

Ecobee is getting increasingly popular, with around 100,000 Canadians already installing it at their respective homes. It should also be noted that it was the world’s first smart thermostat when it came out in the year 2008. One can currently find a huge variety of functions, including separate modes of sleeping, away from home, and just hanging out. The most important thing in smart home thermostats is that ,it  contains several sensors like remote temperature/occupancy sensors, which can tell whenever a room is empty.

Scientists can use this data to understand how people move around their houses, and if they are too passive. However, like all technology, this one also has some rough areas for the privacy of an individual. The issue of privacy has been a constant question on people’s minds in regards to this technology. Hence, the developers need to maintain balance between collecting meaningful data and making it available only for public health purposes.
Scientists are still involved in developing this technology to enhance a person’s well-being and take care of security measures.

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