Exciting Development in Suture Market: Researchers Create a New Adhesive that can Patch up Gut Leaks and Wounds

  • Analysis
  • 25-February-2022

Duct tape is one of the essential items on any engineer's workbench. It is generally used for repairing fractures and tears in various structural materials.

The patch is an exciting development for Suture Market as it brings forth a new way to patch up wounds and leaks that is more efficient and effective. Building on the idea of duct tape, the new form of suture was developed by a research team. The novel patch can quickly repair gut leaks and tears using the sticky patch.

The new patch is sticky on the front side and smoothes on the other. At present, the adhesive is formulated to seal flaws in the gastrointestinal tract, referred by engineers to as the body's organic ductwork.

In several trials, the patch has been demonstrated to stick to significant tears and punctures in many animal models' intestines, stomach, and colon. The glue formulates a strong bond with tissues in seconds and can last for about a month. Furthermore, the tape is also adaptable, thus facilitating the organ to expand and contract as it recovers. The patch eventually fades after an injury has healed completely, without producing inflammation or adhering to surrounding tissues.

According to the researchers, the surgical adhesive patch could one day be kept in operating rooms as a measure to mend leaks and tears in the gut and other biological tissues. It could be a rapid and safe alternative or reinforcement to hand-sewn sutures.

To come up with the patch, researchers initially tweaked their glue recipe, replacing gelatin and chitosan with a longer-lasting hydrogel. This change helped in physically stabilizing the glue for almost a month, giving enough time for typical gut damage to repair. They placed a second, nonsticky top layer to protect the patch from clinging to the surrounding tissue. This layer is constructed of biodegradable polyurethane with flexibility and rigidity similar to normal gut tissue.

The trials imply that the surgical patch might be used to successfully heal gastrointestinal injuries and be applied as readily as duct tape. The team is now working towards a new firm to develop the adhesive further, to get FDA approval to test the patch in clinical trials.

Every year, millions of procedures are performed worldwide to fix gastrointestinal abnormalities, and the leakage rate in high-risk patients might be as high as 20%. They are looking at adhesion as a fundamental mechanical problem in a challenging environment, i.e., within the body. This tape can resolve that problem and save millions of lives.

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