Drip Irrigation Market - An Overview

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  • 22-September-2015

Drip Irrigation Market

The evolution of drip irrigation system as we see it today is the result of its travelling across the world. Be it China, Germany, Australia or Israel - innovation has surely revolutionized irrigation systems and the way farmers grow crops today. 

Drip irrigation is the most widespread micro irrigation method which irrigates the roots of the crop at a very low water dispensing rate. This extensive network of valves, pipes, tubes and emitters spread over the farms is enhancing productively, crop yield, and aiding in conserving water across the world.

According to the UN report the world population by 2050 is anticipated to be 9.1 billion. Feeding this huge population with limited arable land is being seen as the major challenge by the agricultural scientists. Similar to this is the issue of water, according to the UN report by 2025, around 60% of the world’s population will live in water-stressed conditions. The scenario will be more complex for the developing nations which will be witnessing a rapid urbanization in next few years. Drip Irrigation  system is being seen as useful technology in meeting these ends.

The drip irrigation system facilitates use of recycled water, high water retention, less labour cost,  higher yields, low weed growth among many other uses. Moreover, fertigation aids in optimum  nutrient and fertilizer distribution depending on the crops seasonal cycles. Depending on the soil, crop type, climate, water availability and water quality large range of drip systems are available in the market.

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Application of drip irrigation systems across the arable land has some major challenges. The initial cost of these devices is very high which makes it difficult for small and medium size farmers to apply it their farms. Another issue is educating and breaking the age old agricultural practices of the rural population. Government initiatives and financial aids are being seen as the only way to overcome these issues. Companies are also educating the farmers about the long term benefits with these systems. 

Owing to the environmental concerns a huge surge is anticipated in the global drip irrigation market in the next few years. A higher growth rate is projected to come from Asia - Pacific region which houses the major emerging economies of the world. The key market players are expanding their presence to less developed regions - which have a huge untapped market for Drip Irrigation Systems.

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