Dietary Fibers Industry to Advance with New Research that Identifies Snack Food Prototypes for a Healthy Gut Microbiome

  • Analysis
  • 16-July-2021

Poor Nutrition is a pressing issue globally and is driven by numerous factors, including the overabundance of low-fiver and high-fat in conventional Western diets. The low-fiber and high-fat food consumed by the United States and other Western countries is not sufficient to support a healthy and multiple gut microbiome. Furthermore, diets comprising of high fiber content are closely associated with low health risks of chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and type2 diabetes.
Now, researchers have brought a solution for this issue by identifying snacks that contain combinations of particularly chosen microbiomes fiber types that affect elements responsible for metabolizing fiber components. The research is a huge contribution to the Dietary Fibers Industry as it successfully identifies snack food prototypes that have the ability to change gut microbiome in a way that would be beneficial for health. The study suggests that the shift in the microbiome is connected to the changes in blood proteins groups that are known as regulators and biomarkers of several facets of metabolism and physiology. The blood proteins were noted to shift in ways that could have positive effects on health in the long term.
The research team invested their time in characterizing which food interacts with which gut microbiome components. Further, they also looked into how the above-mentioned interaction is responsible for shaping distinct features of human biology. The main objective of the study was to herald a new era of nutritional science wherein people have access to affordable and more nutritious food. Further, the team desires for the food to come from sustainable sources that can help to treat or prevent different forms of malnutrition, such as under nutrition, obesity, etc., in children as well as adults.
The team could develop a data-mining approach that allowed them to identify statistically pertinent changes in particular groups of microbiome genes. Further, it also allowed them to associate these groups with changes occurring in the levels of blood protein groups present in an amazingly wide range of physiologic processes. So much so that it covers energy metabolism (including the metabolism of glucose), blood coagulation, immune responses, blood vessel function, and nerve cell biology.
The research team has the view that since snacks have always been a crucial part of the Western diet, they would invest their team and efforts in developing a new generation of snack food formulations. The new form of food would be something that people would like to snack on, and while doing so, they would also be supporting a healthy gut microbiome that is responsible for numerous aspects of wellness.
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