Development In Blockchain Technology Market With Potential Usage In Copyright Protection And Management Applications

  • Analysis
  • 12-March-2021

Blockchain refers to a decentralized technology that empowers one to protect the security and privacy of online transactions. It is usually connected with transactions related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, it has the potential to be applied to all kinds of transactions. It might turn out to have beneficial use in copyright protection and management applications. Some critical research needs to be done so that a proper workable copyright protection application can benefit from blockchain technology.

In this regard, a new study has come up, that has analyzed the existing blockchain-based multimedia content protection systems and brought forward a taxonomy that classifies the systems in accordance with their technical features, performance, and protection techniques. This study is a great contribution to Blockchain Technology Market as it is the first of its kind to bring out a detailed analysis on this type of application. It has considered all the technological and scientific challenges that would be beneficial for improving and implementing the system.

Today, matters regarding the distribution of audiovisual content by means of online platforms and peer-to-peer sharing have increased considerably. This brings to the forefront several legal issues such as content security, piracy tracing, and copyright protection. It has been noted that this nature's issues are becoming prominent for owners, distributors of content, and producers. The researchers stated that blockchain could help solve all these problems as it enables one to manage distribution, upload copyrighted content, receive payment upon content usage, control licensing/copyright options, and trace sources of piracy.

Although the technology is quite capable, it is reported in the study that there are still very few blockchain-based copyright protection systems. This presents that there is a research gap that needs to be reduced. Hence, the report proposed a taxonomy that integrates technical aspects and application knowledge. It can also work as a guide for researchers interested in developing blockchain-based multimedia copyright protection systems. To make this study, the team analyzed 18 of these systems and compared them with each other systematically. They studied aspects like whether the networks were private or public and what type of digital techniques they used for system’ performance in terms of their potential to strike-off cyber-attacks, data storage capacity, scalability, and response time. The report's findings helped in bridging the gap that is present in this sector.
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