Depression Therapeutics Market to Advance as Researchers Develop a Method that could Identify Patients at Risk of Depression after a Physical Injury

  • Analysis
  • 23-March-2022

Patients healing physically from traumatic injury are always at risk for psychological discomfort, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Early detection of PTSD and depression risk is generally under the care of the trauma department. It is also one of the important factors for assisting injured patients in a full recovery.

Predictive screeners are one effective technique to identify injured patients who are most likely to develop post-injury depression or PTSD. Resources and Follow-up treatments can be deployed towards patients, especially ones identified as at risk of developing major depression or PTSD following a traumatic injury.

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers evaluated the performance of two predictive screeners in a group disproportionately touched by traumatic injury: urban Black men in the United States. The findings could lay the foundation for innovating therapies, thus advancing the Depression Therapeutics Market.

Researchers have confirmed the performance of the Penn Richmond Screener and the Posttraumatic Adjustment Scale (PAS). Both were produced using different techniques and in various nations in predicting the future appearance of depression and/or PTSD. These findings could suggest that risk markers for adverse psychological effects of severe injury are consistent across populations and regions.

The conclusions add to our ability to identify patients at high risk for poor mental health outcomes after acute trauma care. This enables trauma programmes to focus on the patients who are most likely to benefit from follow-up examinations for the emergence of these diseases thereby allocating scarce resources effectively.

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