Curcumin Market to Develop with New Study Demonstrating Bioavailability of Curcuminois Depends of Delivery Technology

  • Analysis
  • 12-May-2021

Curcumin is a dazzling yellow chemical created by plants of the Curcuma longa species. The material has a wide range of applications, such as food coloring, herbal supplements, food flavoring, and cosmetics ingredients. As curcumin has inherent medicinal properties advantageous to science, it has been at the center of several research experiments and studies in the last decade. Several studies on the subject have revealed that curcumin might eventually become an anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce inflammation. Further, it might also be useful in the fight for curing cancer. The material has been proved to reduce the spread of tumors, transformation, and proliferation. This is done by regulating growth factors, protein kinases, inflammatory cytokines transcription factors, and other enzymes. 
In a new study in regards to Curcumin has demonstrated that the bioavailability of curcuminoids is dependent heavily upon the different delivery technology used to devise the turmeric ingredients. The research might bring a positive impact on the Curcumin Market as it helps in shedding light on the proportion of free curcumin, in contrast with metabolites absorbed. Moreover, it also reveals the effect of dose on bioavailability and calls into question the importance of piperine for maximum absorption. 
The clinical study was completely randomized and cross-over. It included 30 healthy adults, a clear statistical plan, consistent delivery format, and 24-hour kinetics. Further, an exhaustive quantification of curcuminoid metabolites was also integrated into the research. The team compared five different turmeric products that were consumed orally by the adults as a daily dose for efficacy. The products were named as TurmiPure Gold, phytosome formulation, liquid micellar preparation, standard turmeric extract, natural patented dried colloidal suspension turmeric formulation, and piperine-curcuminoid combination. 
Through the research, it was established that a small dose of TurmiPure Gold delivered a considerably more amount of curcuminoids in blood higher than any other four products compared. For example, over the whole study duration, a 300 mg dose of TurmiPure Gold was reported to transport the same amount of curcuminoids to the blood that was delivered by a standard turmeric extract or 2,260 MG of the piperine-curcuminoid mixture. 
The most efficient material found through this research, TurmiPure Gold, has been checked through the best-in-class human clinical trials to assure its safety. As a result, it is decided to be GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) by an expert panel in the US, considering it to be suitable for food & beverage applications.
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