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  • 25-October-2015

The slender tall plant with ancestral history of healing has been adding flavour and aroma since ages. The oil extracted from the dried small brown celery seeds is known to cure many ailments. With flavonoids, volatile oils, coumarin, omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, 3-n-butylphthlalide as its constituents, celery seeds and its extracts are very beneficial for the human body.

Medicinal uses

Herbalists recommend celery for treatment of arthritis, nervousness and hysteria. Oriental medicine uses the seeds to treat headaches and as a diuretic, a digestive aid and an emmenagogue. Celery has also been prescribed as an antiflatulent, antilactogen and an aphrodisiac.

                         Digestive system
  • Used as a digestive aid
  • Controls intestinal gas (flatulence)
  • Regulates bowel movements
  • Controls loss of appetite
  • Kills bacteria in the urinary tract
                         Nervous system
  • Controls hysteria, nervousness
  • Used for blood purification
  • Stimulates glands
                          Mental Health
  • Reduces exhaustion
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep
  • Increases sexual desire
                          Other Uses
  • Treats joint pain (rheumatism)
  • Reduces headache
  • Controls the flow of breast milk
  • Treats menstrual discomfort

Trade and Market of Celery Seeds Solid Extracts and Oil
  • Celery seed solid extract and oil is majorly used for adding flavour to food and beverages. Its spicy, warm, long-lasting aroma finds uses in soap making, skincare, perfume, aromatherapy, candle making, and aroma defuse, among others.
  • India leads in the production of celery seeds. California, Florida, Texas, France and China are the other prominent producers of celery.
  • The celery seed solid extract and oil market is foreseen to show a high CAGR in the coming future. Celery seeds are available as fresh or dried seeds, tablets, capsules, and celery seed extract.

Major companies dealing in celery seeds
  • Bakker Brothers- Situated in Netherlands and they are in the seed business since 1928. Bakker Brothers deal in many seed types but their celery seed extract is refined and pure, and hence widely taken up by suppliers.
  • Condor Seed Production Inc. - In this US based company, Condor Seed Production, commercial vegetable and herb seeds are supplied for the wholesale and commercial grower market. Its celery seeds are cleaned as per the highest standards.
Green Earth Products – It’s an India based company and a leading wholesale manufacturer and exporter of high grade Indian herbs, natural herbs, Indian natural herbs, herbal extracts, and botanical products. The Company’s celery seeds and their extracts are widely supplied all over the world.
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