CAR-T Cell Therapy Market Surge As New Potential In Immunotherapy Discovered

  • Analysis
  • 26-November-2020

A recent study published by the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine revealed a novel dual CAR T cell immunotherapy that helps fight the deadly HIV infection. This study draws special attention to how relatively straightforward modifications to T cells' engineering process can lead to significant changes in their durability and potency. This finding is considered to be an important one as the engineered T cells can be used to fight HIV as well as cancer.

Almost 35 million people around the globe are affected by the global HIV epidemic. The HIV infection can only be controlled by antiretroviral therapy or ART, but not cured completely. However, access, along with lifelong adherence to a day-to-day regimen, is an exception barrier for millions of people living with HIV. The viral reservoir has been a significant hurdle in the cure for HIV. If the ART treatment is interrupted, HIV carries the potential to replicate itself into multiple copies, thereby leading to the development of AIDS.

CAR T cells are considered to be powerful immunotherapy, commonly used in cancer treatments wherein the immune T cells of the patients are engineered to extract Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs). The T cells are re-programmed by these CARs to eliminate and recognize infected or specific diseased cells, HIV-infected cells, or cancer cells.

The research team aimed to create a CAR T cell that would carry the potential to target and quickly eliminate the HIV-infected cells, resist infection, reproduce and survive once in the body since the primary target of HIV is known to be the very same T cells. This invention is supposed to elevate the growth of the Global CAR T Cell Therapy Market. The team successfully developed the protected Dual CAR T cells in a stepwise manner by solving each issue. The Dual CAR T cells provided a long-lasting, strong response against the deadly HIV-infection but, at the same time, being resistant to the virus itself.

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