Breakthrough in Ocean Energy Market: Researchers create a System to Harness the Power of Ocean Pressure inside Water

  • Analysis
  • 18-January-2022

Many times wind turbines sit idle on days where wind are low. There are also days where they are swiftly spinning, but the power demand quota has already been met. Such scenarios are a problem for renewable energy. Now, a recent study demonstrates an approach to tackle this problem. They believe that the solution is present under the sea. Offshore wind farms can be utilized for storing energy using seawater until they are needed to make electricity. The idea could help the world stay off fossil fuels.

The team has come with a solution referred to as ocean battery. The technology relies on giant flexible bladders located on the seabed. They can be filled up with seawater by the wind farm. The idea could do wonders for Ocean Energy Market as when the power is needed, the system could be utilized, and when it is lying still, it could be used for storage purposes.

When electricity is required, the ocean's pressure squeezes the water through a system on the seafloor that includes turbines, resulting in electricity.

Experts warn that stockpiling green energy is critical in the face of an increasing shift away from climate-warming energy sources like coal. This is because nature does not always provide wind—or sun—at the peak of electricity demand.
In addition, while producing energy, the cost also needs to be considered. Storage systems with batteries are expensive and can lead to leaks or contamination in oceans. Pressure based systems are extremely useful in this regard. They pump water into the reservoir behind the dam when demand for electricity stills. This enables electricity to be effectively stored and come back via facility turbines.

Many new systems of similar nature have been introduced. FLASC, for instance, is a system that utilizes renewably made electricity to pump water inside a chamber comprising of under-pressure air. The system then turns into a hydraulic turbine for generating power.

Another new initiative is Stored energy in the Sea (StEnSea). It uniquely uses hollow concrete spheres within the ocean pressure.

Researchers' goal through this system is to harness the advantages of pressure present below the ocean that is going unused. In this way, they have come up with an eighty per cent efficient system in energy storage.

The systems are an incredible idea and could be the key to renewables. Their market is in high growth mode as the cost of production is reduced, making them a continuous existence in the present world.

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