Big Development in Robotic Arm (RA) Market: Researchers Develop a Robot arm that is compact and lightweight and can extend its arms 2.5 Times longer than an Average Human's

  • Analysis
  • 20-September-2021

Wearable robotic arms available today are generally designed to be mounted on the user's upper body like waist, shoulders, or upper arm. Some of the systems have indeed shown great potential. However, typically they comprise bulky hardware making it highly uncomfortable for users who wear them.
Recently, a team has designed a new limb that can fold into a small volume and ensure that the wearer's daily activities are not hindered. AugLimb can extend up to 250 mm and pick various objects close in the user's proximity. The novel compact robotic limb is a massive development in the Robotic Arm (RA) Market. It can be worn by individuals for a long time and is not bulky, thus ensuring that users can make the best of the technology without getting tired.
The research team aimed to look into human augmentation technologies to enhance human capabilities with robotics and information approaches. Their primary focus was on the physical augmentation of human bodies. AugLimb is a big step ahead of other current robotic arms as it can extend to 2.5 times longer than a human's average forearm. It also has the option of being compact, making it convenient to store.
AugLimb comprises 7 degrees of freedom (DOFs) and can be easily fabricated through standard 3D motors and printers. In contrast to existing robotic limbs, AugLimb's design is human-centric and primarily based on the wearer's experience. Thus, it focuses on individuals enjoying the experience while also reaping the benefits of having improved body capabilities due to a third arm.
In addition to having compatibility, the robotic limb is also lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. Hence, it is a suitable option for fragile body structures users, including old-age humans and children. The robotic arm is essentially a third arm that can be deemed helpful in situations wherein humans need to complete a task that takes an extended amount of time, like cleaning or cooking. The team believes that the technologies' applications can also include construction workers, doctors performing surgeries, and other regularly manual work professionals.
The study's most noteworthy accomplishment is the successful development of a robotic arm that can reach a long distance. This is because the users would be comfortable wearing it for long hours every day. They are optimistic that it might become as popular as smartwatches amongst children and the elderly in the near future.
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