Big Development in Offshore Wind Power Market: A Company Creates World's Largest Wind Farm capable of Achieving First Power

  • Analysis
  • 07-January-2022

Offshore wind power refers to the creation of wind farms in bodies of water. Because offshore wind speeds are higher than on land, offshore farms generate more electricity per unit of capacity installed.

According to Ørsted, the Hornsea 2 project, a new wind farm off the coast of England in the north, has achieved first power. The project is highly relevant for Offshore Wind Power Market as once it is completely operational, the wind power source will be the world's largest.
Ørsted is a Danish Energy Company which is in charge of the project. The company's officials stated Hornsea 2 (Wind Farm) is the second of four segments that make up the Hornsea project. Last year, Hornsea 1 went operational, making it the world's largest offshore wind farm. Hornsea 1 has a 1.2 GW capacity and enough turbines to power more than a million homes in the UK.
Hornsea 2 was approved for construction in 2016 and will have 165 Siemens 8-MW turbines with a total capacity of 1.32 GW. While the turbines are being built, the offshore substation and reactive stations have been constructed and tested.
Hornsea 2 will also set a new record by being the farthest windfarm from the coast of any large-scale windfarm. The wind farm will be about 90 kilometers off the coast of Grims, England. It will supply power to a Killingholme substation once fully operational. Before reaching the substation, the project will require a stringing cable under 390 kilometers of ocean water and 40 kilometers of land.
The Hornsea 2 wind farm is scheduled for completion in 2022, though this is susceptible to change due to COVID-19 and its effects. Still, this is susceptible to change due to COVID-19 and its consequences. Ørsted officials claim that once Hornsea 1 and 2 are fully operational, they will power approximately 2.3 million homes. The estimates of how many homes can be powered by a large-scale wind farm differ by country. For example, in the United States, the numbers are far lower due to much larger residences with higher energy consumption.
Hornsea 3 and 4 are also in the works, with officials from Ørsted predicting that once all four are up and running, the project will go a long way toward helping the UK government accomplish its aim of being net-zero by 2050
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