Big Development in COVID-19 Treatment Market: Researchers Create an Online Tool to Identify Patients that will Require Ventilators in Future

  • Analysis
  • 07-September-2021

Severe COVID-19 cases have numerous common symptoms, one of which is patients requiring ventilators to ensure that they continue their oxygen intake as they breathe. However, since the pandemic started, there has been an utter absence of ventilators needed to support such patients; thus, the demand far outpaces the supply. The situation has been so, and that at a point, hospitals started 'splitting' ventilators denoting more than one patient on a single ventilator.
The problem might soon be solved as a research team has unveiled an online tool that would empower medical staff to quickly identify which COVID-19 patients would require help breathing through a ventilator. The study provides evidence that the device can successfully predict the need for a ventilator with 84% accuracy. The tool would be a massive contribution to the COVID-19 Treatment Market as it would allow physicians to plan better the care needed for the patients and make their families aware of the possible future.
The team started by evaluating the initial scans in 2020, which comprised around 900 patients where the virus's first instances were identified, Wuhan, China, and the U.S. Through the CT scans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) or deep-learning computers, the researchers discovered that patients admitted to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) had distinctive features compared to those who did not need ventilators.
Thus, their findings led them to develop the present tool, which can now help medical personnel administer medications or supportive interventions at an inappropriate time to curb the disease progression. Further, it would also allow early identification of patients at increased risk of having severe acute respiratory distress syndrome or even death. The study suggests that such individuals are ideal ventilator candidates.
The research also compared the autopsy tissue scans taken from patients who died from Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) and from coronavirus. Although the results are from the initial stage, they still reveal vital information on the subject of the "immune architecture" in response to viruses. This concept is important because the computer provided the data that helps further one's understanding of the body's mechanisms against the viruses. They may also play an important function in how vaccines are developed.
The present tool could be vital equipment against the coronavirus. It will help hospitals determine the numbers of ventilators they will need, thus, preparing for a better future that might even save lives. 
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