Baby Food Market Snapshot:

  • Analysis
  • 18-October-2015

The shelves are flooded with umpteenth flavors, and varieties of formula, cereal, meal, snack, and beverage options for the little tummy waiting to taste the flavors of the world. Baby foods come as a relief to a mother due to its age specific nutritionally balanced diet and convenience in preparation. Though a section does doubt and revolts its use due to the added artificial flavors and GMO’s. Companies are responding to this section by providing them with organic and all natural baby food options.

Factors affecting the increased demand
- The fast paced and instant – syndrome lifestyle has made packaged baby food a necessity.
- The advertising and projection of the baby food as a wholesome health food is making it a common household name in the emerging markets.
- The rising organized retail is becoming a major driver for baby food market
-Due to advent in technical sophistication packaged foods has become accessible to millions of people across the globe.  

Region wise distribution
- Global baby food market is one of the most lucrative markets in the coming years.
- The socio – economic factors in the developing markets of Asia- Pacific are evidently increasing the market hold of this region on the global baby food consumption.

Future Trends  
- Organic and all natural baby food market is booming due to the concerns over GMO’s and artificial additives.
- New product launches will be trending upwards e.g. - Gerber® recently came up with Lil’ Bits™ to develop the pre-chewing skills

Major Players
Gerber- Gerber Products Company is a supplier of baby food and baby products across the world. Formerly owned by the US and headquartered in Fremont, Michigan, this giant in baby food market is owned by Nestlé Group. From boxed food of cereals to breastfed milk supplements, are made by Gerber Products Company.

Mead Johnson- Mead Johnson Nutrition Company is a giant manufacturer and supplier of infant formula both globally with its benchmark product called Enfamil. This company was founded by one of the co-founders of Johnson and Johnson. It has huge markets in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Enfamil alone accounted for almost 12% of global infant formula market in 2009.

Beech-Nut- Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation is a baby food company owned by Switzerland based consumer-goods firm Hero Group. "Real food for babies" was launched in 2014 which was inspired by homemade baby food, and company since then has been manufacturing and supplying baby food market that has ingredients and taste exactly like homemade baby food. And this endeavor catapulted company’s market globally.

Nestle- This Swiss giant is India’s biggest brand in baby food market. Lactogen is the topmost and most trusted baby food brand in India. It comes in various flavors and different sizes for babies of all age groups with the best nutritional proportion as suggested by the WHO. Apart from Lactogen produces Cerelac and Nestum. The company accounts for almost 80% baby food market in India.

Heinz Baby- Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this company also has deep roots in Indian baby food market. From cereals, infant formula to organic packaged baby food all are supplied by this giant.