Automotive Maintenance Tools Market to Develop as Researchers Create a Pipe Maintenance Robot that can unclog and Repair Pipes that Humans Cannot

  • Analysis
  • 14-December-2021

Various sewer lines that are necessary for building services must be inspected, repaired, and maintained regularly. Although some robots have been created for maintenance, they are incapable of doing complex duties. Inside-pipe robots available now are primarily developed for visual surveying or inspection. So, it is crucial to create such in-pipe robots that can clear obstructions and conduct complex maintenance jobs, especially for too thin pipes for humans to pass through.
A group of academics has created a prototype pipe maintenance robot that can unclog and repair pipes of various diameters. The machine can manipulate and dissect things for removal using a cutting tool with many degrees of freedom. This research could be a game-changer in the Automotive Maintenance Tools Market industry.
One of the most challenging aspects of developing a robot of this type is achieving a tight fit inside pipes of various sizes. Previous models could only stretch or contract their width by around 60%. The researchers wrapped the robot's body with six folding "crawler" arms. This adjustable locomotion mechanism enables it to work in pipes ranging from 15 to 31 cm in diameter, a range of more than 100%. Another design problem is cramming a complicated and durable arm mechanism into a limited amount of space. This robot has a small arm that can perform complex cutting actions thanks to a gear train powered by numerous motors inside the robot's body.
Today's municipal sewer systems are frequently clogged by enormous, hard deposits known as "fatbergs." These are mixtures of materials such as flushable wipes, oil, and fat that have gone through a saponification process that makes them extremely difficult to remove. The scientists tested the robot by replicating fatbergs and other typical obstacles, such as tree branches, to see how well it could deal with them.
They discovered that a cutting tool with a ball-shaped burr could handle all of the functions of pushing, cutting, drilling, and grinding. These robots can assist municipal and industrial personnel by making their jobs safer. It can work in little pipes that humans can't reach or are harmful. According to the researchers, this discovery will increase the use of robots in small pipelines for a range of complex and dangerous procedures.
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