Antibiotic Market to Boosts as Study Evaluate its Usage in COVID-19 Hospital Patient

  • Analysis
  • 28-January-2021

COVID -19 is known to be caused by SARS – CoV – 2 viruses. Hence, antibacterial agents do not direct affect it. Researchers have shown that secondary bacterial infection rates are low in COVID-19 patients, which means that antibiotics used in the early stage are unnecessary. Even after this, most COVID patients have been prescribed antibodies as per empirical data because of concerns that they might contract secondary bacterial infections. The pandemic has the power to drive an increase in antibiotic use at a time when antimicrobial resistance is a constant threat.

An upcoming study is set to study the effects of PCT in COVID patients as it has the power to protect patients from overtaking antibiotics. A PCT (Procalcitonin Blood Test) is taken to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections. This provides a guide for antibiotic treatment needed by a particular patient. This study will look into the test's effectiveness by looking at data of COVID – patients from the first phase of the pandemic in the UK.

The study will analyze empirical data from around 7,000 COVID-19 patients across 11 NHS hospitals, half of the patients would be the ones who have used PCT during the first phase of the pandemic-This would help to determine whether PCT could protect against antibiotic overuse, if ever NHS experiences a second wave.

The aim is to find if the use of the test would reduce the usage of antibiotics or improve patient outcomes in COVID-19 patients. It may also positively affect the time they need hospital care, death rates, infections with super bugs, cost, etc.

Researchers will provide guidelines to the doctors on how to use the test best so that the use of antibodies is not done blindly but as per the patient's requirement. The guidelines would help in reducing side effects, antibiotic resistance, and superbug infections.

This study has received a funding of 5.5 Million Euros from NHIR (National Institute of Health Research) and will help in better management of current and future waves of the virus. It would also investigate long-term effects on the healthcare systems after the acute phases. It aims to reduce the harm done by the unnecessary use of antibodies in patients of COVID-19. If this study is found to be successful, it would  mean minimal use of antibiotics and using them only as needed. It is a step towards clinical decisions in providing prescriptions of antibodies and should turn out to be beneficial for patients. These kind of initiatives taken by the government in conducting research and studies in the field of antibiotics regarding its usage is likely to drive the Antibiotics market.

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