95 Times More Efficient Portable Device to Boost Blood Clot Retrieval Devices Consumption Market

  • Analysis
  • 08-March-2021

As per physiology, coagulation refers to the process through which blood clots due are formed. The problem with coagulation is that it may happen without any warning, right after a traumatic injury. Thus, it needs to get detected early before it gets developed into a severe condition. However, the issue is that there are no methods available to test coagulation outside of hospital settings, and till proper medical help reaches the patients, it might get too late. Currently, the tests can only be performed in a hospital through mechanical equipment that is sensitive to vibration and so cannot be taken out in the field. What is needed to solve the current problem is a portable device that can detect coagulation.

Now, the researchers have developed a new technology, “ClotChip,” that might be able to resolve the ongoing portability problem. This new device may bring positive growth in the Blood Clot Retrieval Devices Consumption Market. It is a “fully-electronic, microfluidic” handheld device that only needs a single drop of blood to provide results. This means that now blood clots can be detected through a portable device that is highly efficient, leading to patients in need getting faster healthcare and better subsequent treatment.

ClotChip can sport the clotting level that may occur by taking a blood sample; the whole process is 95 times more efficient than any of the currently used methods. It needs only a single drop of blood at the point of care and is designed so that it can be used for anticoagulation and hemophilia therapy. This device comes as a great hope for anyone who might otherwise die due to excessive bleeding or clotting.

Researchers stated that the device does not need any mechanical components that lead to failure under some rugged conditions. It is small and portable as well as insensitive to vibration, unlike the current devices.

The team has revealed that it might collaborate with the navy, and at the end of two year development period, it may test the latest version of ClotChip on military transport aircraft that take the wounded soldiers to and fro. They expect the device to eventually be used under circumstances of emergency civilian trauma or be adopted by the military.

ClotChip might come to be used for various applications that are yet to be explored. It can save people from hemorrhaging due to trauma, in turn saving several lives on the battlefield.

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